Steel-engraved embossing

For over a hundred years, steel-engraved embossing, the most nobel form of printing, has been used for representative letter embellishments, calling cards, bank notes, stamps, greeting cards, invitations, authenticity certificates, and for various other applications.

Steel-engraved prints exhibit a brilliance and vivacity that cannot be attained by any other printing process. The printed image has a relief that can be touched, and which seems to come alive marvelously through light and shadow.

The engraving is done by hand, following the customer's master copy. The engraver may use a master copy from a draft, a photograph or a template.

Steel-engraved embossing can be done in all colours - also in gold and silver.

Steel-engraved stationary paper is equally suited for both laser and inkjet printers.

The colours can be given special characteristics to make them as forgery-proof as possible. Steel-engraved embossing is very highly valued among graphic designers and their customers worldwide.