Hot foil stamping

Hot foil stamping is a special, modern relief printing process by which a very thin foil is applied under heat onto paper, cardboard or plastic foil.

By the use of this versatile technique, we make stationary paper, calling cards, greeting cards, sales folders, folding boxes, labels, book covers, flysheet titles and much, much more.

Combinations are possible with offset or letterpress printing, steel engraving or blind stamping. This affords many attractive designing possibilities with beautiful and expressive effects.

Hot foil prints distinguish themselves considerably from ordinary printing. Gold and silver is really gold and silver – not just gold or silver coloured. The embossing can be made flat or three-dimensional. The optical effect is considerably enhanced by a three-dimensional embossing.

Hot foil stamping is very resistant to light. Gold and silver tones do not oxidize and therefore, even years after production, exhibit the same brilliance as on the very first day.