In our well equipped prepress department, there are three workstations available; each with a flatbed scanner. 
All common software programs are available for text and image editing. 
By means of a Leonardo card, we can receive your data, elaborate it, and transpose it on film or paper. 
Telephone-extension: +49 (0) 7476 / 9441 – 13 
Leonardo card: +49 (0) 7476 / 9441 – 40 
The prepress department is directed by Mr. Jochen Holp 
If you wish, we can do the photography work for you at the studio or "on location" from KB up to 4x5", analogue and digital. With all these possibilities at our disposal, we can quickly arrive at an optimum of usable results. 
The traditional, large reprographic camera is still used, as before, in making large master templates. 
Please give notice of data transfers in advance by telephone.